wingspan : 29/35 mm

we saw this Hermeuptychia sp from la Bonita down to the far South of the country, and, more specifically, on many spots in Sangay NP, between 1100 and 1800 meters.

it is a rather common butterfly, but this morphotype 2 (see is not illustrated at all on ButterfliesofAmerica ?

on BoA the only species that would match this morphotype 2 would be H. harmonia, but :
        - there are obvious differences between harmonia and our morphotype 2 (see new facts page),
        - and, to our knowledge, harmonia would only fly West of the Andes where it is rather common (see

could it be that H. harmonia flies on both sides of the Andes with two clearly distinct ssp ?

Hermeuptychia sp a Guarumales
Hermeuptychia sp a Sevilla don Bosco
Hermeuptychia sp arriba de Macas
Hermeuptychia sp (pareja) a San Isidro
Hermeuptychia sp a la Colonia Azuaya

first row : Hermeuptychia morphotype 2, East of the Andes,

second row : Hermeuptychia harmonia, West of the Andes.

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