wingspan :

available data on Panoquina fusina look rather doubtful ;

as a matter of fact we found, near Méndez and near Rio Negro this phenotype which clearly keys out at Panoquina fusina sonta.

but, between these two towns, near Sucúa, we collected one individual which obviously keys out at Panoquina fusina fusina, and just as illogically, farther East, Shirley Sekarajasingham took pictures of both fusina fusina and fusina sonta, at the very same place, Kapawi lodge.

we cannot be sure that the specimen pictured at el Corrad, near Rio Negro, is P. fusina sonta actually?

posiblemente Panoquina fusina sonta al río Alpayacu
Panoquina fusina sonta a Kapawi lodge
Panoquina fusina sonta ? a el Corral
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