wingspan : 24 mm

this Symmachia rubina, collected near Tena, is different from the rubina rubina we found West of the Andes, two of the FW three pale yellow dashes are merged ; farther South - as far as Huanuco (Peru) - we never saw rubina rubina, but only a few specimens similar to this one from Tena.

so we can speak of an undescribed ssp that occupies the Southern limit of the species distributional range, over at least 800 km - we believe that separata is a good species and not a rubina ssp (see   https://www.sangay.eu/en/fiche-papillon/021-Riodinidae/003-Riodininae/007-Symmachiini/015-Symmachia/036-separata%2A/_

Symmachia rubina a San Isidro
Symmachia rubina a San Isidro
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