wingspan : 44/48 mm

this butterfly looks very much like Damas horridus an extremely rare species, described from Iquitos, and the type of which is the only known specimen (Ernst Brockmann).

Bernard Hermier notes that the margin on this butterfly is clearly yellow, when on the holotype it is only "paler" ; but this type was an old and battered specimen when Bell described it in 1940 ! but it also looks like Damas immacula, a species with yellow HW margins.

we call this butterflyDamas immacula, nevertheless it could be Damas sp nov.

the two butterflies photographed near Mendez, and the male collected at rio Miriumi, all in 2016, look like they belong to the same species.

Damas immacula a San Isidro
Damas immacula al río Miriumi
Damas immacula al río Miriumi
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