wingspan : 72/75 mm

Hyalyris antea is sometimes a common sight at San Isidro, on the Sardinayacu path and in the Baños/Piuyo corridor.

there are two "subspecies", H. antea achuar and H. antea antea, we collected the latter in the Northern half of Sangay NP, and the former in the Southern half,

but, on the Macas/Atillo road, at 16/1800 m, we found both "subspecies" ?

the butterfly on the bottom pictures probably is a female Hyalyris antea.


Hyalyris antea a San Isidro
Hyalyris antea a San Isidro

all these specimens should be Hyaliris antea , in spite of the differences in size and wingshape - particularly the HW.

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